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  • Work Permit: (Download and Print this form):Step 1: Obtain a job offer from an employer.  Have them complete and sign the Promise of Employment form.  This form also requires parent/guardian and if applicable, (required for students under 16 physician signatures). Step 2: Applications must be submitted in person at RMHS Guidance Department to obtain the work permit. For questions, please email Julie Haley (
  • RMHS New Student Enrollment Packet 2021-2022
  • RMHS Withdrawal Form 

Lynna Williams, Director of Counseling                            
781-944-8200, Ext. 19811                                   
12     A - Brown
11     A – Benassi
10     A - Bennett
9       A - Boutin


Ryan Sacco
781-944-8200, Ext. 19817                                    
12     C- Feltus  
11     Beneke - Day
10     Berener - Daley
9       Boyden - Diedrich

Jennifer Keaney                                                     
781-944-8200, Ext. 19816                                   
12    Figueroa - Koulouris
11    DeCoursey - Granara
10    D'Ambrosio - Goodwin 
 9     Diemer - Green

Kara Santa Maria                                                     

 781-944-8200, Ext. 19815   
12     Lawrence - McConnell
11     Grande - Leclaire
10     Grant - Littlefield
9       Gualtieri - Lewis

Meaghan Rondeau
781-944-8200, Ext 19865
12      McCue - Nichols
11      Lee - Murphy
10      Lopes - O'connor
9        Licari - Muniz
Steven Kennedy                                                   

781-944-8200, Ext. 19814                                 
12     Nickerson - Silveira
11     Naczas - Shutt
10     O'Hare - Samways
 9      Murphy - Shanahan

Maura Keefe                                                               

781-944-8200, Ext. 19842                                 
12    Snyder - Z
11    Skenderian - Z
10    Sanphy - Z 
9      Shastri - Z

Counseling Philosophy

Reading Memorial High School believes the primary purpose of guidance and counseling services is to foster academic, social and emotional growth.  We encourage students to better understand their relationships with others, to make wise choices regarding the social and emotional issues they must confront, to begin to explore the world of work while assessing realistic options, and to grow as productive, contributing members of their families, school and community.  In short, we choose to educate the whole student.  

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