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Our Behavior Matrix

At Birch Meadow School, our Core Values say that we are:

  • Present
  • Safe
  • Kind
  • Responsible
  • Respectful

We weave these five values into our daily life together.   With the introduction of these Core Values three years ago, the  School Leadership Team developed a Behavior Matrix describing how each value is demonstrated in each area of the school.  For a copy of the Behavior Matrix click here.

Students get Yays (paw stamps) for demonstrating these values at school. Your children have come home with colorful paws stamped on their hands and told you they got a “Yay” but they may not tell you why.   The Behavior Matrix gives examples of how the values look at school.  This may help you have a discussion with your child about what they did that earned a Yay.

Whether you are a new member of our school community or a member of longstanding, I hope that you’ll take a moment to review the matrix.  These are the values we instill in our students each day and everyone at Birch Meadow wants you to understand them.

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