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Welcome to the Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse website

We are a coalition of youth & adults living and working in Reading, MA who promote a safe, healthy, vibrant community in which everyone makes healthy decisions and ensures that today's resources shape tomorrow's strengths.

Get matched with a mental health services provider, call the INTERFACE REFERRAL HELPLINE 888-244-6843 (toll free). Available from Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm for Reading residents.

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Past events

November 2017-"Jams for Jake" Highlights
November 2017-"Jams for Jake" Highlights

Jams was Jake was hosted on 11/12/17 by 'FRIENDS OF JAKE' with support from RCASA and community partners.  Check out Community Education

See below for some of the amazing posts from friends and family and highlights of the day from PicBear 


"From Tim O with a pic of art of Caitlin Beckman...Earlier this year I lost one of my friends Jake to drug overdose. Sending love to all of my friends in the States for the amazing event they have put their heart to today. Of all the days I have spent in India today is the one I wish I could spend in the States because this event means so much. Music more than anything I know brings people together, this is as Jake would of wanted. #livemusic#livingabroad #jamsforjake #reading #01867#endthestigma #drugawareness#sendinglove #music #musicfestivial #India#BostonBreed #love #charity #Jake


"Pat B., Friends of Jake Co-Organizer and Musician enjoys the day in memory of Jake @ Jams for Jake, 11/12/17. Benefit concert/community gathering to honor the music and life of Jake Czuczwa. I cant imagine how much work @wildgrownyogi and @___john__oliver___ and all the musicians, friends, family, and volunteers put into this, but they did an amazing job and I think they even ended up exceeding fundraising goals and expectations for turnout, too. Big ups you guys! #jfj#jamsforjake"


"From John O, Jake, we had a beautiful day today. Everyone who played music, everyone who helped out, everyone who came out to be together was directly touched by you and your powerful heart. I hope you were watching down on us, listening to your beautiful songs. Love you buddy. #jfj #jamsforjake #erasethestigma"


From Lauren A., Friends of Jake Co-Organizer, Yesterday, two sweet older women called me over to talk to them. They explained they knew Jake from when he worked at Starbucks. "He was OUR barista" they said. They were both nearly in tears with how touched they were to see his friends hosting this event in his honor, and perfectly expressed one of the things that made Jake so special... "Even from short conversations every morning, we felt like we knew him. He was just such an open person with a big heart." I am not surprised at the huge success that was the 1st annual #jamsforjake, for that exact reason. Feeling thankful for everyone that helped pull this thing off, for everyone that played, and for everyone who came out to celebrate Jake and his music. Love and miss you, Jake. I treasure the many memories I have with you, and hope we kept your spirit alive yesterday. Even your Starbucks regulars came out to share how much they loved you. 24 years and yet your legacy is one of profound love and openness, and !awesome music. Still feeling inspired.#jfj #endthestigma #missyoufriend #livemusic #artauction #youguysrock #comebacknextyear

See more pics at

Press about the event


Jams For Jake Honors a Memory, Continues a Discussion

Sept. 28, 2017- Watch Dr. Ruth Potee's Talk on Addiction
Sept. 28, 2017- Watch Dr. Ruth Potee's Talk on Addiction

Watch the RCTV Broadcast of Dr. Potee's presentation in Reading @ RCASA Annual Meeting

Watch the full RCASA Annual Meeting, which includes DA Marian Ryan and Dr. Potee

As promised, Dr. Potee has allowed us to share her presentation from the 11th Annual RCASA Meeting.  Thank you to all that attended and to Dr. Potee for her insight and knowledge. 


Dr. Ruth Potee is board certified in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine, she is a physician with Valley Medical Group in Greenfield, providing a full scope of family medicine with special interests in women’s health, pediatrics, addiction treatment, psychiatric illness, and pain management.  Dr. Potee is nationally recognized for her public speaking style that skillfully blends scientific research with an understanding of the challenges of raising healthy teens.  She is an extremely dynamic and sought after speaker who, in response to the ongoing opioid epidemic, has made it her mission to educate the public about the nature of addiction and why it is the only brain disease that is 100% preventable…“It’s chemistry, not character”.  

Learn more about Dr. Potee's work at

More recovery month events at Community Education


Oct. 17, 2017- Lynn Lyons Event on Anxiety Recap
Oct. 17, 2017- Lynn Lyons Event on Anxiety Recap


Lynn Lyons, Author and Therapist presented an insightful workshop to an audience of 300 adults, including parents and school staff on October 17, 2017 from 6-8 p.m.  Lynn addressed the "Worry Cycle" including strategies for teens and their parents on managing anxiety.


Learn more about her books, DVDs, and online resources


Book Titles co-authored by Lynn Lyons and mentioned at the event:



Event materials



INTERFACE REFERRAL SERVICE- Get connected to mental health services!
INTERFACE REFERRAL SERVICE- Get connected to mental health services!
Do you know someone who could overdose from pain medication or heroin?
If so, ask a pharmacist today about getting Naloxone. Naloxone can reverse the effects of an overdose from opioids. It could also save a life. It’s available in a few forms. It’s easy to use and training is available if you want it.
Send an anonymous tip to Reading PD
Bring unwanted Rx to Reading Police 24/7 Dropbox
Dispose of your meds properly, protect the environment & help reduce prescription drug misuse. Store any remaining bottles safely & away from children/teens.


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