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English Learner Education

Welcome to the English Learner Education Website!

The mission of the Reading Public Schools’ program for English Learners is to enable students of all levels of English language proficiency to develop the linguistic, cultural, and social skills necessary for success in the Reading Public Schools and beyond. The students accomplish this in an interactive setting with an atmosphere of understanding, honoring native cultures, and supporting academic progress.



Parent Resources:

Dictionaries and Tips

Advice for Learning English- Helpful tips and ideas to improve your English

Content Glossaries (grade 3-12)- Bilingual glossaries organized by content area.

Enchanted Learning- Picture Dictionary- English picture dictionary (Bilingual also available by clicking at the top of the page)

Google Maps- Find almost any location on earth in map or 3D view

Google Translator- Translate text or documents into another language.

Language Guide: Spoken Visual Dictionary- Choose a language and a category to see pictures and hear words pronounced.

The Internet Picture Dictionary- Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish



BBC: Blast the Rocket Game Practice regular and irregular past tense verbs with this fun game.

English Club: Grammar Lots of interesting articles about different grammar points.

English Club: Parts of Speech Click on the different parts of speech to learn more.

ESL Games: Sentence Monkey Games Games to practice different parts of speech and grammatical structures.

Fun English Games: Grammar Fun games to practice punctuation, sentence structure, prefixes, suffixes, and parts of speech.



Duolingo- Practice reading, speaking, and listening while having fun!

English Club: Listening- Lots of fun listening exercises with new updates weekly.



Cool Math (grades 6-12)- Fun and visual review all middle and high school math topics.

Cool Math 4 Kids (grades K-5)- Fun and visual review all elementary math topics.




English Club: Pronunciation- Interesting activities to understand and practice pronunciation in English. Type in English words to hear how they are pronounced


Language Guide: Spoken Visual Dictionary- Choose a language and a category to see pictures and hear words pronounced.




BBC World News- News available in 32 Languages (scroll to bottom to choose language)


Classic Fairy Tales- Animated video book versions of classic fairy tales with games and activities after reading.


Duolingo- Practice reading, speaking, and listening while having fun!


English Club: Reading- Interesting activities to practice reading in English.


English Club: Reading (grades K-2)- Interesting activities to practice reading in English for young learners.


Frankfurt International School (Grade 4+)- Reading activities to help you learn different reading strategies.


Fun English Games: Reading- Fun games to practice reading comprehension


Starfall: Learn to Read (grades K-2)- Interactive activities to help young students learn to read.




A4ESL: Bilingual Quizzes- English vocabulary quizzes translated into over 40 languages. Advanced TOEFL Practice- Collection of links to help with TOEFL study


Enchanted Learning- Picture Dictionary - English picture dictionary (Bilingual also available)


English Club: Vocabulary- A few interesting articles about important and challenging English vocabulary.


ESL Games: Memory Games- Games to practice different categories of vocabulary.


The Internet Picture Dictionary- Words sorted by category and shown with pictures.


Vocab Ahead- Videos to help learn advanced vocab for SAT prep.


Word Sift- Enter text to generate visuals for vocabulary




English Club: Writing- Interesting activities to practice writing in English.


Frankfurt International School (Grade 4+)- Writing activities to help you learn different writing strategies.


Fun English Games: Writing- Fun games to practice writing letters, stories, news articles, debates, advertising and instructions


Graphic Organizers- Use these awesome graphic organizers to help plan what you will write!


Make your own Comics !- Write in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Latin


Teacher Resources:

Contact Us

Carla Pennacchio
English Learner (EL) Coordinator/
PreK-12 teacher
Francine Rubano-Jones
English Learner (EL) Teacher
Grades PreK-9
Karen Hall
English Learner (EL) Teacher
Grades K-8
Part Time: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
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