Vision of the Reading Public Schools

It is the vision of the Reading Public Schools to instill a joy of learning by inspiring, engaging and supporting our youth to become the innovative leaders of tomorrow.  We will accomplish our vision by focusing on a few key strategic initiatives that lead to a meaningful and relevant curriculum, innovative instructional practices, strong analysis and thoughtful dialogue about evidence, a collaborative and team approach to learning and teaching, and a safe and nurturing learning environment.  The overall physical and behavioral well-being of our children will be our top priority as students will not learn if they are not physically and psychologically safe.  Education will truly be the shared responsibility of both the schools and the community, with families playing active roles in the schools and being full partners in ensuring the success of their children.  In the interest of the entire Reading community, the school district and town government shall work cooperatively and collaboratively.  As educators and members of our community, we believe that implementing this vision is our ethical responsibility to the children of the Town of Reading.