Youth that misuse substances may be accountable for school and legal consequences.

Some of the consequences impacting Reading, MA include:

  • School Chemical Health Violations- These are infractions that occur at the school level and are governed by School Policy.  Consequences and educational requirements must be met.
  • Summons or Arrest: These involve violations of state or federal law documented by police. In Reading, juveniles that commit a first offense may be eligible for Reading's Pre-Arraignment Diversion Program. An arrest will progress through the regular court process. Either a summons or arrest will be relayed to the appropriate school administrator and school consequences may also be applied (this sharing of information is governed by the Memorandum of Understanding between Reading Police, Reading Public Schools and Middlesex DA's Office.
  • Marijuana by-law citations (local and/or state): For youth, these violations include a fine, class and community service. For young adults over 18, the citation requires a fee to be paid. If a Reading student receives a by-law citation, they may be held accountable for a School Chemical Health Violation.