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August 1, 2018
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Resources for Talking with Children about Equity, Bias and Racism

Ms. Leveque's Letter to the Killam Community regarding George Floyd 


Julia Hendrix and the Birch Meadow Elementary School have been at the forefront of leading the elementary charge to confront our biases and work towards anti-racism. The Birch Meadow Staff has compiled the following resources for families on how to begin this process at home. The Killam staff thanks them for sharing this information and taking a stand. We stand together with members of the black and brown community.

Call Me American by Regie Gibson
Click on the link above to view a performance by Regie Gibson, Birch Meadow's PTO-sponsored poet in residence during the 2019-2020 school year. In this performance, he sings about race and being American. After viewing the performance you can talk with your child about it. Possible prompts are: What do you think it means to ask someone "What they are?" Do think it matters what someone's race is? How would you answer the question "What are you?"

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