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Math Department Staff

Allyson Williams
Department Head
Kelly Bedingfield
Jennifer DeCoff
Melanie DiStaula
Amy Dyment
Colleen Griffin-Roland
Kylie Kane
Julie Lacasse
Robert Mooney
Jane Shea
Trey Skehan
Vanessa Yavorksi

About Math at RMHS:

The goal of the RMHS Mathematics Department is to help students of all abilities and learning styles reach their potential in a supportive, academically-focused environment.

We offer a comprehensive four-year sequence of rigorous courses for all students that are aligned with the Massachusetts Frameworks for Mathematics. This curriculum is designed for both college-bound and career-bound students following traditional pathways, and several acceleration pathways exist for students who desire to progress from Algebra 1 to Calculus in their four years at RMHS and have demonstrated the ability to do so successfully.

All classes focus on the Standards for Mathematical Practice: Students will (1) make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, (2) reason abstractly and quantitatively, (3) construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, (4) model with mathematics, (5) use appropriate tools strategically, (6) attend to precision, (7) look for and make use of structure, and (8) look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

RMHS teachers staff a Math Lab throughout the school day for students to drop in from study hall if they need extra help, and teachers are also available outside of school hours at times mutually agreed upon by teachers and students as well.

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