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Social Studies

Social Studies Department Staff

John Fiore
Department Head
Caroline Allison
Jessica Bailey
David Blanchard
Patrick Dailey
Jim Debenedictis
Gary D'Entremont
Amy Fedele
John Fiore
Megan Howie
Paul Morrissey
Alexandra Sliwoski

About the Social Studies Department:

Humans are social beings; in order to succeed in a global society, we must learn how to get along with other people. If we are going to know how to get along with others, it is vital that we understand them. This is true for our immediate neighbors and for those who inhabit countries on the other side of the globe.

The disciplines of Social Studies offer a means of inquiry into the questions of Human Identity: Who are we? How do we govern ourselves? How are we similar to or different from other peoples? How did we come to be the way we are? What rights do we enjoy and what responsibilities must we bear? And, most importantly: How can we make things better in the years ahead?

The Social Studies Department offers a variety of courses that address these fascinating questions. Students are required to take History 9, History 10 and History 11 in their first three years at RMHS. We also offer a wide array of challenging and relevant electives that we encourage everyone to take.

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