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Special Ed

Special Education Staff

Adam Blaustein
Team Chairperson - Grades 10 and 12
Renee Limauro
Team Chairperson - Grades 9 and 11
Sarah Cestrone
Learning Center Teacher
Jessica Greenbaum
Learning Center Teacher
Patrick Mahoney
Learning Center Teacher
Karen Murphy
Learning Center Teacher
Jamie Benger
LEAD Teacher
Annemarie Cory
LEAD Teacher
Andrew Murphy
Learning Center Teacher
Jenna Glazier
SOAR Teacher
Stephanie Leccese
LEAD Teacher
Catherine Taglilatela
LEAD Teacher
Downey Sarah
SAIL Teacher
Brittany Franics
SAIL Teacher
Craig Murphy
REACH Teacher
Stephanie Waite
REACH Teacher
Harlan Kroff
Social Worker
Jillian Solivan
Social Worker
Troy Carr
School Psychologist
Sharyn Drew
School Psychologist
Lisa Johnson
Speech/Language Pathologist
Patricia Dababneh
Learning Center Paraprofessional
Lisa Thomas
Learning Center Paraprofessional
Waldah Nalika
Learning Center Paraprofessional
Jack Shannon
SOAR Paraprofessional
Chris Lemone
REACH Paraprofessional
Tracey Jorgenson
SAIL Paraprofessional
Sherilla Lestrade
SAIL Paraprofessional
Tim Moran
SAIL Paraprofessional
Robin Trionfi
SAIL Paraprofessional

About Special Education:

The RMHS Special Education Department consists of a combination of special education teachers, related service providers, and paraeducators dedicated to meeting the unique learning needs of all students with IEPs.

The high school has a range of programs (i.e., LEAD, Learning Center, SAIL, SOAR, REACH) to best support students in a full inclusion setting, partial inclusion setting, or substantially separate setting. The focus of instruction, in both the general education setting and special education setting, is meeting students’ IEP goals and objectives.

Course models include para-supported classes, co-taught classes (i.e., a Special Education Teacher & a General Education Teacher), and small group classes across subject areas.

In addition, the RMHS Special Education Department’s goal is teaching our students the necessary self-advocacy, resiliency, and independence skills they require in order to successfully meet their post-secondary vision.

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