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RCASA Presents Film Screening on September 29th

The Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary with a film screen of Breaking Points, September 29, 2016, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the William Endslow Performing Arts Center at Reading Memorial High School.

BREAKING POINTS, is a short documentary film that raises awareness about the level of stress that high school and college students experience and the unhealthy ways that many of them cope. The film explores behavior that is becoming normalized among students - abusing prescription (Rx) medicines not prescribed to them, including Rx stimulants for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

The film was directed by Tucker Capps, known for his work on A&E's "Intervention," and is a part of the Partnership for Drug Free Youth Medicine Abuse Project , a national action campaign with the goal of preventing and addressing prescription medicine abuse among teens.

The film includes candid perspectives from high school and college students and nationally recognized experts, challenging the misperceived "safety" and effectiveness of abusing prescription stimulants without a doctor's prescription. 

The film serves as a catalyst to inform discussions about what parents and communities can do to support teens who are struggling to manage stress and anxiety. Along with interviews with high school and college students, the film also features interviews from researchers and field experts.

"Traveling the country to make this film, I've been struck by how the competition to get into college has become so intense, and so insular, that some students really start to lose perspective," said Tucker Capps. "Too many high schoolers and college kids believe that they'd be at a disadvantage if they don't use their friends' prescription stimulants to focus on papers and exams. My hope is that we can point out this trend to parents and educators before it becomes the new norm."

Along with the film screening, the Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse will feature highlights from their coalition projects and Senator Jason Lewis will discuss a state committee study on marijuana issues.

Learn more via the RCASA website.

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