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State Releases 2016 State Assessment Data


State Release of Student Assessment Data


An Update from the Assistant Superintendent for Learning &Teaching                                                                     September 2016


MCAS and PARCC results released


As you may know, the Massachusetts Department of Secondary and Elementary Education (DESE) released results today for last spring’s state assessments.  This includes Grades 3-8 PARCC results for both English Language Arts and Mathematics, the Science and Technology/Engineering MCAS results for Grades 5/8/10, as well as the high school MCAS results for English Language Arts and Mathematics.  District and school accountability data were also released.  


The PARCC and MCAS assessment data are assembled in several different tables below (see link). In addition to the achievement levels in each content area, we have also created tables to examine the median Student Growth Percentile and the Composite Performance Index in all applicable areas, as that data also provide us important information.  The Student Growth Percentile (SGP) measures how much a student’s performance has improved from one year to the next relative to his or her academic peers (other students statewide with similar scores in prior years).  The Composite Performance Index (CPI) measures the extent to which groups (districts, schools, and subgroups) are progressing toward full proficiency. When examining the data for student groups, the transitional CPI can be used for comparing results across years, and the median SGP can be used for measuring growth from one year to the next. (See the attached tables for further explanation of both SGP and CPI.) 


Some initial findings


  • In Mathematics, 93% of Reading high school students scored Proficient or higher, which includes 70% who scored at the Advanced level. This year’s 2016 median SGP (at 55) also represents the highest median SGP for RMHS math since the state began reporting Student Growth Percentiles
  • In English Language Arts, 99% of our high school students scored in the Proficient/Advanced range—which includes 64% scoring at the Advanced level. 
  • In Science, 92% of high school students scored in the Proficient/Advanced range.  The data for the elementary and middle level, however, continue to indicate the need to update our curriculum and instruction at these levels.  This work began last year of course, and it continues to be a priority for the district in order to align with the state’s new curriculum framework and revised assessment due in 2018.
  • Thirty-two (32) of the 36 median Student Growth Percentiles (SGP) in ELA and Mathematics (across all three levels) are in the moderate or high growth range (with 13 of those in the high growth range). 
  • Reading students showed an overall improvement in twenty-nine (29) of the forty-four (44) PARCC assessments and five (5) out of ten (10) MCAS assessments.
  • Fifteen (15) of the 30 Composite Performance Indexes (CPI) in ELA and Math for the elementary schools represent an improvement over last year. 
  • The CPI for the 8th grade Algebra I test is 100 again this year, meaning that all students in 8th grade Algebra I either met or exceeded expectations.
  • According to DESE accountability ratings, RMHS moved from Level 2 to Level 1 this year.  Joshua Eaton Elementary remains classified as Level 3, and all other schools are classified as Level 2. (See the Accountability Data table below for more information.)
  • As the DESE Level 3 classification indicates a “focus” on the high needs subgroup, we are especially examining the data for this group of students.  The “high needs” Cumulative Progress and Performance Index (PPI) ratings for Eaton indicate an increase from a 36 PPI in 2014, to a 56 PPI in 2015, and a 61 PPI in 2016.  The district PPI index has also increased from 44 in 2014 to 57 in 2016.  There is still progress to be made, however, in this area.


We are continuing to review all the information that has been released; and we also, of course, continue to improve the curriculum, instruction, and assessment in all content areas and grade levels.  In upcoming weeks, the district, school, and student results will be used to identify our current strengths and weaknesses, review curriculum and instructional alignment, and identify appropriate interventions for students where applicable. We will also utilize released assessment items—including test questions, scoring rubrics, and examples of scored student responses—to inform our practice. The DESE has announced that individual student reports will be shipped to the districts this week, and so parents/guardians can expect to receive those reports in the beginning of October.  An overview presentation of the district assessment data will be given for the School Committee later this fall, and each school will also be doing its own school-level presentation in order to more fully discuss and identify each school’s individual progress. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your school Principal or the district administration offices.  



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